Smarter Driving course trims fuel cost and carbon emissions at Abel.

2 April 2012

Company & Industry

It was a challenge to get a group of company drivers at Manchester to each spend fifty minutes with a representative from the Energy Saving Trust to explain that they could improve their driving.

We are all proud of our driving skills but would we convince them that the Smarter Driving training programme subsidised by the Energy Saving Trust would save money, make a contribution to the environment and improve safety.

Eight drivers from our Manchester branch office took part in a trial for the Smarter Driving course and succeeded in showing that there is potential annual savings of 2,576kg Carbon emissions, which resulted in a cost saving of £1,378.

Our Champion drivers achieved a 10.8% and 10% respective reduction in fuel consumption. Congratulations and well done to all those that participated, we will continue to monitor the success and then roll the training out to other branches.

Pat Allen