Energy Saving Trust

2 January 2012

Company & Industry

Energy Saving Trust carries out a Green Fleet Review

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) is an independent, not for profit organisation working to promote the sustainable and efficient use of energy in transport. Through funding from the Department of Transport they provide fleet consultancy to organisations to help them run their fleet more efficiently which benefits both the company bottom line and the environment. It was pleasing to hear their comments

“In many ways, Abel Alarm has already incorporated a number of the key principles that constitute best environmental fleet practice and should be commended for this. These include restricting the job-need company car to a low emission variant of the Ford Focus together with an emphasis on down-sizing the light commercial vehicle (LCV) by limiting vehicles to Fiesta and Transit Connect variants. All company vehicles are provided with fuel cards and fitted with a telematics system. The LCV fleet is also having speed limiters fitted as standard set at 68mph.

Abel has also raised the company focus on fuel costs by monitoring fuel purchases and rewarding the top 5 performers from 2010 based on the lowest average pence per litre.

Not only are the Abel average vehicle emissions very low to start with, they are also consistently following the market trend; with average new car emissions on to the Abel fleet in 2009 and 2010 at 120g/km and 115g/km respectively the Abel fleet is noticeably ahead of the UK average new car emissions.

It is good to see that Abel is already taking an environmental approach to fleet management (even if the motivation has been perhaps from a cost saving perspective), however, if Abel are to make a significant impact in terms of carbon reduction and cost savings then the real challenges begin now.”

David Watts
Energy Saving Trust