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This delivers direct, online interaction with the Communication and Monitoring Centre (CMC) via our secure, encrypted web server. Our web server meets the highest standard of protection available as used in internet banking to give you the ability to check the live status of your premises as well as allowing you to interact with the information we hold. Keeping you fully informed at all times via any internet connected device. This gives you the power to monitor the live status of your site, review footage and history of any events whilst being able to alter keyholder and site information.

Key features:

  • Our custom design feature ensures that you have 'on-demand' access to the information you need, to ensure that you are able to efficiently manage your security resources.
  • Provides secure login, SSL encryption and certification to ensure that your data privacy is not compromised.
  • Full site editing.
  • Total control of and data visibility and edit permissions by the System Administrator.
  • Real-time data exchange with other systems using standard protocols. This feature makes it possible to link securely with corporate databases and third party applications. Seamless interfaces to Service Control and Accounting data can be created.
  • On-demand reporting.
  • Simple one-page record editing.

Commercial and Public Sector:We can offer a range of levels of access designed to ensure that your personnel are equipped with the tools they need to maximise their efficiency in site management.

As part of our continuous performance and data analysis work we can provide you with customised reports to allow a thorough and powerful measure of any areas of performance which you have control over. We work with you to provide the information you need in the format which you prefer. This information can then be generated on-demand and sent via fax or email to save you countless hours of your time.

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